Jack’s Big Low-Key Fundraising Initiative  

With studio time booked this summer & The Rolling Hill Band all agreed to join me (and with touring still off the table for who knows how long) I need to raise some American cash dollars to help offset the cost of making my Next Big Record. As I’ve spent the last year wrestling-into-shape the many sounds & ideas that might make up this next batch of songs it seems like the overall scope--the ambition--has exceeded that of my past efforts, and will require a little more money than I usually hustle together for a project.  

If you’d like to support the cause, here are some ways to help:  

--A Brand New (Digital) Album 

Do you actively purchase music files from the internet and/or use the little download code that comes with a physical album? This option is for you. Entitled ‘Solo Takes,’ I’ve recorded a brand new collection featuring solo acoustic versions (“takes”) of songs from ‘Good To Know You’ & ‘These Northwood Blues’ (plus a little tiny new one). It will be available exclusively in my shop or over on Bandcamp until the middle of May. 

--Limited-Edition (Physical) Merch 

Are you a collector, a “band tee” person, or maybe just in the camp of “if I’m gonna spend my hard-earned cash I need something tangible in return” ? Well, heck yeah, this one’s for you. I’ve put together a tasteful inventory of truly limited JMS merchandise, from a sweet, summer-ready brown koozie to super-special handwritten lyric sheets. I typically don’t make merch unless I’m on the road or releasing a new record, so this might be the only time for a while to snag something if you want it!  

--Philanthropic Support of "The Arts" 

Not interested in (digital) music or (physical) merch but still want to help? You can CLICK HERE for direct contribution, or send me an email and we’ll talk about it. Cheers in advance, it means a lot xx. 

--No Money/No Problem 

As the great podcast host (& songwriter) Joe Pug says on every episode of ‘The Working Songwriter’: “if you’re not in a position to help, I totally get that (man). I’ve been there before myself.” If you’re strapped right now but want to support the cause you can give Jack M. Senff a follow on Spotify or Instagram or, better yet, just share my tunes IRL with a friend, a parent, a stranger, whoever!  A lot of that numbers stuff is pretty crap, but it does help with the “optics” & “growth” of “the brand” here in this god forsaken modern age of music. The more people tuning in the better chance I have of cresting the algorithm Tom Hanks ‘Cast Away’ style when he launches over that giant wave at the end.  


Q: Is this a pyramid scheme? 

A: No, think of it like a deconstructed Kickstarter campaign. 

Q: OK, how much are you trying to raise then? 

A: Between studio costs, mastering fee, food/lodging/pay for the band, a plane ticket, album photography + film + film processing--among other things--I’m trying to raise somewhere in the ballpark of $3k-$5k, an astonishing figure for my usual mickey mouse nonsense but actually quite minimal relative to how much pro albums can cost to make these days. 

Q. Damn dude, but don’t you have a record label? What gives? 

A: I do, a great one! But like me, Skeletal Lighting is just a small business. Even w/ all that emo screamo money Sean & Mo Hermann are just trying to keep the lights on and lift up music they believe in. Their immense contribution to this album includes vinyl production costs (which are CRAZY expensive), marketing & radio campaigns, art fees, distribution, etc. This is a special record we’re trying to make, it requires FULL POWER from both of us (& hopefully you xx).  

Q. I just placed an order about thirty seconds ago & haven’t received my stuff, is it lost? Have you stolen my money? 

A. Generally speaking, everything should start shipping on or around May 1st. If that date comes/goes & a few weeks pass and still you haven’t received anything, please send me an email.  

Q. Will this be like that Kidcrash album where you ask for help then never release it? 

A. Barring real sickness or another global disaster I have my studio dates locked, the band booked, and a whole slew of new songs simmering on the stove. For better or for worse there will be a JMS LP shoved out into the world Spring ‘22 courtesy Skeletal Lightning Records.  

Q. Who took those cheesin' new pics of you at the top? 

A. My friends Micah & Kristen of Harpe Star Design who, fun fact, also did the "Quiet Love" music video. They're the best!

Q. Are those lyric sheets really $100? 

A. Yes. Think of them like the top tier on a Kickstarter where it says “3 sold” or whatever and you go “shit, that’s crazy someone would ever pay so much for *that*”-- for someone out there this could be a really cool, special thing that holds meaning or significance to them in an otherwise meaningless, insignificant world. Beyond that they are going to take me forever to do b/c I’m awful at any kind of visual or tactile art & beyond THAT a lot of songwriters offer the lyric sheet thing, too, and $100 bucks is a common price. I did the research, I promise. 

Q. Any chance of an ‘Inside Jokes’ vinyl release? 

A. Please send all inquiries of this nature to masonbehnke@gmail.com 


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